A quarter of a century after The Phantom of the Opera premiered in London, it is still going incredibly strong, with audiences filling up the auditorium night after night without fail. The success of the musical can be seen in its longevity and its worldwide success, playing to over 100 million people and becoming the most successful entertainment project of all time. When it opened back in 1986 it was met with great acclaim, both public and critical, and went on to win the top theatre awards including Olivier and Tony’s for Best Musical, but what did the critics say about the show? Read below to discover exactly what the experts said about The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Opera Reviews

“With fantastic staging effects, astounding actors and a sensational musical score, ‘Phantom’ was a hauntingly beautiful production. The music blew me away… Enough can never be said in praising a fantastic orchestra, and this one was no exception. Add to that the cast’s voices, trained to perfection, and the combination was bound to send chills running through you. Sofia Escobar’s Christine Daae and Will Barrat’s Raoul were both fantastic: the passion they maintained throughout the performance was so intense and well-maintained that it was hard not to fall in love with all of them.” THE BOOK OF TOMORROW, read more


“Phantom on the stage impresses because the elements of the story which are technically impressive surpass those of the film by around 20 years; the play features rising life-size chandeliers, the Phantom appearing in Her Majesty’s rafters and a genuine sense of being involved in the proceedings. A sequence in which the Phantom rows a gondola through the catacombs of Paris is played out in full to the point of eye-rubbing amazement; and that’s without mentioning the array of illusions created under the supervision of magical maestro Paul Daniels.” JON BRADY read more




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