The Iconic Phantom Mask

The Iconic Phantom Mask

Did you see The Phantom of the Opera and immediately feel a connection towards the masked enigma? Do you see similarities between yourself and the ‘Angel of Music’? Or do you simply just love the idea of hiding behind a mask and recreating the iconic image of the Phantom? If you do, then a great way to show off your love is by opting for Phantom of the Opera fancy dress for a themed party!

The good thing about going as the Phantom for fancy dress is that the costume is simple, but effective. It doesn’t cost that much and it doesn’t take too much effort to put together a brilliant outfit that will resemble the leading man of one of the greatest musicals of all time. Firstly, the most important part of the costume is the white mask. The image of the half-face masquerade façade has donned the front of The Phantom of the Opera memorabilia and posters since the show first opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London in 1986, and this image will forever be associated with the show. In the musical, the Phantom wears the mask to hide his hideous appearance, which is hopefully not the reason that you want to dress as the Phantom! With slicked-back hair, a full-length black cloak and dark trousers, the outfit is quite simple to recreate and can be easily worn by men, women and children.

You may be wishing to dress up as the Phantom with a partner, and if so, then another eye-catching costume would be to go for the leading lady in the story, Christine Daae. Going as Christine may be a little harder and may require more thought, but standing next to the Phantom, you will look effective and it will be obvious as to who you are! With long, dark ringlets, a full length dress with an air of the 19th century – thick fabrics, subdued colours and lace – and a rose in hand, the costume will look perfect.

If you are wanting to go as any other characters in the show such as Raoul, Carlotta or Monsieur Andre, then there are lots of places online where you can purchase typical 19th century tailored outfits. Alternatively, you could just wear a masquerade mask, in homage to the song of the same name in The Phantom of the Opera!

A great site to purchase costumes for The Phantom of the Opera is

As well as the Phantom mask, they also stock Tri-corn hats for if you are thinking of going as Andre or Raoul, and some great capes that would be ideal for a Phantom costume.

Have a great time dressing up in Phantom of the Opera costumes and please do show us pictures of your costumes in the comments box below!